Puppies For Sale

updated October 17, 2019

Here at OldesStone Farm, we put significant time and love into raising and training our litters and will not sell to fraternity houses, puppy mills, wholesale agencies, or pet stores.  Contact us if you're interested in acquiring one of our puppies.


OldestStone Farm specializes in F1 doodles, which is Labrador Retriever that is bred with a standard poodle. Both Labrador Retrievers and Poodles are highly intelligent dogs, and their Labradoodle offspring excel in smarts, are loyal, highly trainable, and possess a general desire to always please their owner. If you're looking for a family-friendly, kid-loving, medium energy dog that is comfortable inside or outside, that loves the water and the land, you should definitely consider a Labradoodle.

Updated 10.17.19 -

Chocolate Labradoodle Puppies ready for their forever homes 11.8.19